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The Giving Tuesday Message Schedule You Need To Maximize Donations

Why Text Messaging for Giving Tuesday?

In our fast-paced and digitally connected world, text messaging offers unparalleled open and engagement rates. With an astounding 99% of text messages opened, and most within the first three minutes of receipt, texting is an invaluable channel for real-time connection with donors. This immediacy and personal touch can be pivotal in converting intentions into actual donations, especially around Giving Tuesday and the year-end giving season.

Your Giving Tuesday Text Fundraising Schedule

We’ve broken down the exact text messages you need to send to maximize donations this Giving Tuesday. This includes a cultivation text in early November to warm up donors by reporting back on the impact of previous gifts, along with a Thanksgiving cultivation text. It also has two appeal texts on GivingTuesday, as Tatango data shows time-sensitive-asks drive higher ROI. It concludes with a Giving Tuesday thank-you text that has a link to give to anyone who hasn’t donated yet.

Check out the video below where we break down the texting schedule you need for Giving Tuesday.



Giving Tuesday Text Fundraising Resources

Do you want to learn more about how you can maximize your impact on Giving Tuesday? Submit your information in the form below to download our Giving Tuesday text template guide where we showcase the texts that work to increase your donations and maximize this giving season. Simply add your information below to download the information. Be sure to visit our vast library of resources for Giving Tuesday, too.

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