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Text Message Marketing Week in Review – Week 16 2020

This week we’re trying something a little different, with the help of the new tool we just launched, SMS Archives. In today’s video, we’re reviewing the text messages sent by top brands for the 16th week of 2020. In the video you’ll see what top brands using text message marketing like Papa Murphy’s, Kohl’s, Macys, Sonic, and many more are sending to their mobile subscribers.

What is SMS Archives?

The #1 question we get asked at Tatango by brands interested in text message marketing, is to see examples of how other brands are using text message marketing. Up until now, the only way to see how other brands were using text message marketing was to opt-in to their mobile program. The only problem with doing that is you’re only going to see the text messages that brands send after you opt-in, there’s no way to see what they’ve been sending to consumers.

That’s why we here at Tatango created SMS Archives. With our new tool, text message marketers are now able to look back through the archives, and see the text messages that top brands have sent their customers. This is a great tool for any text message marketer, whether new to text message marketing, or running an existing messaging program.

This week we’re reviewing text messages from the following brands:

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