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Text Message Marketing News Roundup: November 12-18

Weekly SMS Marketing News Roundup - October 8 - October 14

A weekly roundup from November 11th to November 18th of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on Mobile Marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!


SMS Marketing Industry News:

3 excess text messages prompt fan to sue Bills
Like many other Buffalo expatriates who have moved far away from Ralph Wilson Stadium, Jerry Wojcik wanted to stay connected to his hometown Bills. So earlier this season, the Florida resident signed up for a Bills program that sends fans text messages. Trouble is, he says, the text alerts became too frequent.

Mobile Newsbytes: Texting Increases Survey Truthfulness, Skin Cancer Prevention via SMS, Consult a Doctor on a Smartphone
Texting Increases Survey Truthfulness, Skin Cancer Prevention via SMS, Consult a Doctor on a Smartphone

Infographic: How to Combat Mobile Spam
It’s easy to roll your eyes at the unsolicited messages piling up in your email spam folder. But what about when they start filling your phone’s message inbox? According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive on behalf of Cloudmark, the majority of U.S. adults who text have received an unsolicited message.

Don’t Credit iMessage for the Texting “Decline”
By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the “news” that iMessage is apparently killing texting. Well let me be the first to say that this is bullcrap, and it’s giving Apple an inordinate amount of free publicity. Mobile: The New Political Platform

Four things marketers can learn from the Papa John’s $250m SMS spam lawsuit
A class-action lawsuit alleges that the chain’s franchisees, though a third party text messaging service, sent promotional ads to consumers without their permission in violation of a 1991 law. Papa John’s plight provides several good lessons for other marketers using SMS to reach consumers.

Mobile Gift Vouchers Outselling Plastic 15:1 at Sydney Rib House
Ninety percent of gift vouchers sold at the Sydney-based rib house, Hurricane’s Grill in Darling Harbour, are now sent instantly via SMS by the restaurant’s customers.

No, It Does Not Cost 1/1000th Of A Penny To Send A Text Message
Eric Barker tells us that it costs something like 1/1000th of a penny to send a text message over a mobile phone network. It is, of course, possible to put the numbers that way: but it’s grossly misleading I’m afraid. SMS does indeed produce very good revenue for the telecoms companies but not the sort of amount that would be implied by selling for 20 cents something that has cost you one-thousandth of one cent to do.

Charley’s Boosts SMS Campaign Participation By 900%
 One merchant recently uncovered substantial benefits from reaching out to customers via SMS. Charley’s Grilled Subs — a restaurant chain specializing in cheesesteak sandwiches — has successfully increased engagement among customers and overall purchases as part of the brand’s newest SMS-focused initiative called: “Charley’s Philly Steak Blitz,” reported Ben LaPlaca, Creative Director of Charley’s, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. Since the first SMS campaign in 2011, Charley’s has increased participation by more than 900%.

“Texting Jacket” Provides Emergency Responders With Critical Information
Clothes that “talk” to Facebook aren’t just fun and games. They could also provide first responders with critical, real-time information in times of emergency. With this in mind, a group of students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology developed a jacket that uses a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone to communicate with the Internet, particularly social networks that can help large groups coordinate their efforts. Designed to be worn by firefighters and rescue workers, who typically don’t have time to fuss with additional gear, the jacket features a built-in screen on its sleeve and a vibrating collar that alerts the wearer of incoming messages.

 Text Messaging Declines in U.S. for First Time, Report Says
In countries around the world, text-message traffic has been shrinking because Internet-powered alternatives are becoming so widely used. American carriers have fought off the decline — until now.


Tatango SMS Marketing News:

20% of Donations For Hurricane Sandy Relief Comes From Text Messages
Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic Hurricane on record caused an estimated $50 billion in damages. Organizations and people have come together to bring relief to the victims affected by this disaster and have donated millions of dollars, 20% of which is being raised from Text Message Donations.

The Facts Behind the Papa John’s Text Message Spam Lawsuit
If you have yet to hear about the $250M class-action lawsuit against Papa John’s Pizza for sending text message spam to their customers, you must be living under a rock. Just do a quick Google search for “Papa John’s Spam” and you’ll get 1.1M results! The problem with so much press regarding a lawsuit like this, is that there tends to be a lot of misinformation out there regarding what happened and how this impacts text message marketing.

NASA “Spot the Station” Text Alerts
For the 12th Anniversary of the International Space Station, NASA launched a brand new text campaign to help people “spot the station.”  They will send a local-specific alerts to the mobile owner when the space station is visible in their area.


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