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Tatango Now Supports Cricket Wireless


Cricket Wireless SMS Short Code


Good news for everyone that uses Cricket Wireless, Tatango has just recently added this wireless provider to its list of supported carriers.

For those of you that have never heard about Cricket Wireless, they are the ninth largest wireless communications service provider in the United States, with 5.85 million subscribers. If you’re interested in who makes up this exclusive list, we’ve included the top nine players below, with the amount of subscribers for each.

  1. Verizon Wireless (102.2M)
  2. AT&T Mobility (97M)
  3. Sprint Nextel (Including Boost Mobile & Virgin Mobile USA) (51M)
  4. T-Mobile USA (33.63M)
  5. TracFone (17.75M)
  6. MetroPCS (8.88M)
  7. Clearwire (6.15M)
  8. U.S. Cellular (6.03M)
  9. Cricket (5.85M)


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