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Tatango Now Provides Real Time Analytics!

We’re excited today to announce a new dashboard for your Tatango account that gives you real-time analytics for your text message marketing campaigns. As you can see below, we’ve added both a chart of subscriber growth, in addition to three key metrics that you want to track when managing any text message marketing campaign. To see the new dashboard for yourself, login to your Tatango account.

Tatango Text Message Marketing Analytics

Below is an explanation of each of the sections of the new Tatango dashboard. If you have questions or any feedback, please let us know in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.


Tatango Subscriber GrowthThis graph is pretty straight forward, as it shows you how many text message subscribers are in your list at the end of each month (AKA Subscriber Growth). This graph is updated in real time, so you will always know how your subscriber growth is doing for your text message marketing campaign.



Tatango True ReachThis True Reach count will tell you how many text message impressions your brand has made on customers. The more impressions you make on your customers, the more likely they are to remember your brand when they are ready to make a purchase. We’ve also included a count that tells you how your true reach has improved over the previous month.


Tatango Happiness RatingWho doesn’t like to be happy? That’s why we here at Tatango have come up with a unique metric we call the Happiness Rating to gauge how well your text message marketing campaign is being received by subscribers. This value is calculated by dividing the lifetime amount of subscribers that have opted-out of your list by the True Reach of your text message marketing campaign.


Tatango Total SMS Subscribers Want to quickly know how many subscribers you have on your list at this very moment? All you have to do is look at the Subscribers count and that will give you your answer. Here you will also be able to tell how you are doing with regard to subscriber count compared to the last month.


So what are you waiting for? To see the new dashboard for yourself, login to your Tatango account.

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