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Tatango Customer Spotlight: Productivity Coach

Welcome to another Tatango Customer Spotlight.  Today we interviewed Chris McNamara, a real estate productivity coach about how he uses mass text messaging to keep in touch with a staff of 90 people. Lets jump right into the interview…


Client Name: Chris McNamara – Productivity Coach
Client Campaign: Updating a staff of 90 of the most elusive salespeople known to man.
Location: Bellingham, WA
Industry: Real Estate

Chris McNamara – Productivity Coach

Chris, I know you are a real estate agent and I’ve also heard that you moonlight as a superhero?

In a sense, yes. I’m the kind of superhero that helps other agents become more productive. Not as cool as Batman, but I’m trying.


When you came to Tatango, you were looking for a better way to remind agents about the weekly seminars you host for other agents. Was mass text messaging the answer?

The job of updating a staff of 90 of the most elusive salespeople known to man, was tough, trust me! It was almost comical after all the other communication channels we had tried. The problem was solved by mass text messaging and it took less than 3 minutes to implement. So in short, yes, mass text messaging was the answer.

Chris McNamara Punching Board

Did you see higher attendance because of your use of Tatango?

Yes, for sure; attendance is much higher than pre-Tatango. We now have better informed agents and more response from the “tech outliers,” who only check for e-mail updates every now and again.


What do the other agents think about receiving mass text message reminders?

They absolutely love it! We always send the mass text message reminders an hour before the seminar, which for most of our agents is enough time to shift gears and make their way to where we are meeting. If we were to send an email an hour before the seminar, the majority of agents wouldn’t even open it until after the seminar has started.

Chris McNamara Group

I bet you love everything about Tatango, but what do you love the most?

Ease of use. All you need for someone to receive these text messages is someone that can open their phone and read. As you can see, I’ve just described my entire staff, in addition to everyone else in the United States.


Who else do you think would benefit from mass text messaging?

Name it, really. From large ski clubs, to guys on a road trip, to groups of friends meeting at concerts, to day traders, to swim teams. The possibilities are endless for mass text messaging. Like Derek’s T-shirt collection. :)

Chris McNamara Keller Williams

Thanks Chris for your time. If someone is in the area and wants to buy a home, where can they find you?

They can connect with me on Facebook or just call/text me at 360.303.1034


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