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Tatango Launches New SMS Campaign Dashboard

We’re excited to announce that we’re finally finished the overhaul of the SMS campaign dashboard interface at Tatango. As you can see below, this new interface allows you to view all of your SMS campaigns, including SMS broadcasts, contests, polls and autoresponder all in one place. The best part, you can sort via keyword, type of SMS campaign and the amount of subscribers with the click of your mouse.

Tatango Screenshot

In addition to easily being able to sort your SMS campaigns within the new SMS campaign dashboard, you can also quick create a new SMS campaign with our new drop-down menu.

Tatango Screenshot - Create SMS Campaign

Also, to make it even easier to sort SMS campaigns, we now allow you the option to only display a specific type of campaign in the dashboard. As you can see below, this is what we’ve done by selecting SMS Autoresponders. The best part, you can still sort by SMS keyword and the amount of subscribers within just that one SMS campaign type.

Tatango Screenshot - SMS Autoresponders

If you have any questions about the new Tatango SMS campaign dashboard, please leave us a comment below, or contact us directly here.


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