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Tatango Launches New SMS Marketing Products

Since 2007, Tatango has been a one trick pony, focusing on SMS broadcasts. Not anymore though, as we’re excited to announce today that we’ve added SMS contests, SMS autoresponders and SMS polls to the products Tatango offers. This is a huge leap forward for Tatango, making the Tatango SMS software platform a one stop shop for all your SMS marketing needs.

Not exactly sure the difference between all of the different products Tatango now offers? Luckily for you I had some time to jump in front of the camera and create the following video, where I’m able to give a quick explanation of how each SMS product works.

You may have also noticed that we completely overhauled our SMS campaign dashboard last week to reflect these new SMS products. Not only is it easier for Tatango customers to sort and manage their SMS campaigns, but it’s now also a breeze to create new ones. You can read more about it here.


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