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Tatango Customer Spotlight: Boy Scout Troop 831

Here’s another Tatango customer interview in a series we’re calling “Tatango Customer Spotlight”.

Client Name: Neil Tickten
Client Campaign Name: Boy Scout Troop 831
Location: Troop 831
Industry: Group text messaging

Tatango Customer Boy Scout Troop 1

1. I’m going to be honest with you Neil; you look a little old to be a Boy Scout.

Well… once a scout, always a scout. I’m actually one of the adult leaders for Troop 831.


2. Ok, that makes sense. You used Tatango for an event you were attending with the troop—tell me more.

In this case, I was leading our troop to the 2010 Boy Scout National Jamboree. This was a 10-day event plus 2 days of touring, for a total of 12 days. The Jamboree had 45,000 scouts in attendance, and was massive in size. I wanted to be able to communicate quickly and en masse, and group text messaging with Tatango gave me that ability.


3. You had a couple of different groups on Tatango, why is that?

Yes, we set up two different text messaging groups— one for the scouts and a second one for the scout’s parents.

Tatango Customer Boy Scout Troop 2

4. Can you give us a couple of examples of text messages you sent to the troop members?

  • “As u head back, stay with the group or at least a buddy. Remember to go left at the asphalt road and head back.”
  • “Reminder: Unless u r in the 4pm mysterium show, you should be back at 4:30pm at camp.”


5. What about a couple of example text messages you sent to the parents?

  • “In case u hear, a tornado touched down in DC. They cleared the streets. Everyone is ok. No worries.”
  • “We have arrived on-site safely at AP Hill and are about to unload.”


6. Awesome, I’m guessing the parents loved receiving those text messages.

Yea, I’m sure a few parents were on pins and needles when they heard about the tornado. Immediately after it had passed though, they received our text message. It put a lot of parents’ thoughts at ease.

Tatango Customer Boy Scout Troop 3

7. Did you try out the text-in feature that allows you to text message your entire group from your own mobile phone?

Yes, we were camping almost the entire trip, so this feature was really the only way we sent out messages. Camping just isn’t the best environment to bring out your laptop.


8. Great use of Tatango. The real test: Will you be using Tatango for the next trip?

Yes, most definitely. We also spoke to several other troops that will be considering using it for trips in the future. Everyone loved the idea and concept behind group text messaging with Tatango.


9. Awesome to hear! Any last minute advice you can give to other Boy Scout troops looking to use group text messaging?

Make sure that if you are camping, you have adequate charging abilities for the phones, or group text messaging is all moot. :) In our case, we used solar devices from PowerFilm to recharge and it served us fairly well.

Tatango Customer Boy Scout Troop 4


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