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Target Mobile – You’re Fired!

Target Mobile, you’re killing me this week! First you require access to the web on customer’s mobile phones to even signup to receive your text message coupons. Don’t you realize that only 30% of the population has access to the web on their mobile phones? If you were to allow a text message opt-in, you would be reaching nearly 100% of customers. To see what I’m talking about, check out my post yesterday appropriately titled Target Text Message Coupons Fail.

Well today I received my first text message coupon from Target Mobile. See below.

Target Mobile Coupon

You’re just fucking with me Target Mobile aren’t you? You saw my post yesterday and you thought to yourself, what could we send this guy that would really get his blood boiling? Well you succeeded Target Mobile, you won!

You’ve gotta be kidding, I signed up for text message coupons, not text message alerts telling me that I can find coupons on the mobile web. You already have an Iphone/Android app and a mobile website which isn’t accessible to 70% of your customers. Why the hell would you think it’s a good idea to add another medium on top of those that doesn’t even expand the accessibility of the Target Mobile program?

My advice Target, fire the “mobile marketing expert” that told you this was a good move and give me a call. Pass on the word by tweeting the following to @Target.

@Target – Fire whoever is screwing up @TargetMobile and call @thederekjohnson  (Tweet This!)


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