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SMS Marketing News Roundup: Oct 3 – Oct 9

SMS Marketing News Roundup: October 3 - October 9
A weekly roundup from October 3rd to October 9th of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on SMS marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!


SMS Marketing Industry News:

Occupy Seattle busy organizing itself
They also are engaging people through a website,, and by cellphones: People can text “occupy” to 68398 for updates.

GPS Mandatory On Mobile Phones By 2018
In an effort to modernize the 911 system, the Federal Communications Commission issued a rule Sept. 27 that will mandate that all U.S. carriers include GPS in their phones by 2018. That includes VoIP services as well. The goal is to allow emergency workers to find your position when you dial 911, similar to the way they can when you call via landlines.

Are consumers aware of mobile marketing?
Mobile Marketer intern Gabby Kalika attends Chapman University in Orange County, CA. When she told people at school she was interning for a mobile marketing publication, she was amazed at the number of dumbfounded faces she saw.

3 strategies for brands to create SMS campaigns
What is more, an astounding 99 percent of devices are SMS compatible, per Nielsen Online – and this is where one of the biggest opportunities resides for brands that want to build a meaningful, long-term relationship with their customers.

Product launch-centered mobile campaigns grow 75pc month-to-month: study
According to the August SMART report from Millennial Media, mobile is becoming the go-to channel for marketers looking to spread the word on new items. The study also looked in depth at consumer packaged goods advertising.

The Single Coolest Most Important Trend In Mobile Marketing
The ramifications? There are the super-connected who have mobile as a vital part of their lifestyle. Others view their phones as an unwanted tie to their jobs and to the busy world they wish to ignore in downtime. I would’ve guessed a high number here. For marketers, it’s important to factor in high use periods, like evenings for tablets.

Mobile advertising will generate $1.2B in 2011: study
The forecast also expects mobile advertising in the U.S. to reach $4.4 billion by 2015. The growth comes as mobile advertising gains steam as an effective way to target consumers thanks to the growth in smartphone and tablet ownership.

MMA Launches Permission-Based Marketing Whitepaper
The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has published a white paper on permission-based mobile marketing. Called Building Permission-Based Mobile Marketing, the white paper explains what permission-based mobile marketing is, how it works, and the benefits to consumers, brands, agencies, and mobile network operators.

MillerCoors-owned Colorado Native starts dialogue with drinkers via bar codes
During the “Building Brand Power and Loyalty Through the Marriage of Grassroots and High Tech Marketing,” session at DMA 2011 Conference and Exhibition, executives discussed how with little money mobile can help build a relationship between consumers and brands.

Text Message Marketing Can Take Your Personal Brand To The Next Level
If this is your first time hearing about using SMS marketing to build your brand, then you will be pleasantly surprised to hear about the ways you can further engage with your audience.

Read Our Latest Quarterly Magazine Today
The latest digital edition, issue seven of our quarterly magazine is available now and is packed full of analysis and opinion on the hot topics in mobile marketing. In it, you’ll find features on Gamification, HTML5, the impact of real-time bidding on mobile advertising, and mobile marketing in Asia-Pacific.


Tatango SMS Marketing News:

Cool QR Code Placement
Look what I found this week stuck to the sidewalk outside the local Chipotle. Pretty cool way to advertise the new Art of Flight movie with a QR code. Also, try scanning the QR code, check out the amazing mobile website. Great job guys!

Where Are Smartphones Being Used? [Infographic]
In our last infographic, we showed you how smartphones are being used. Have you ever wondered though, where smartphones are being used? To help you get a better understanding of where smartphones are being used, the team at Tatango created the infographic below.

Tatango CEO Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine
This news is a little old, but we completely forgot to mention it here on the Tatango blog. If you get a chance, be sure to check out my interview in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Tatango Hires Chief Technology Officer
Wow, we’ve been so busy here at Tatango that we just realized (it took us 7 months… whoops) that we never introduced everyone to our newest member of our team. Well, everyone says hello to Ben Waldher, our new Chief Technology Officer here at Tatango.

QR Code Week at Tatango is Coming…
What is QR Code Week? It’s a week here at Tatango that we focus solely on how to integrate QR codes into your SMS marketing campaigns. It’s also a week when you can win a free “I Love QR Codes” t-shirt simply by scanning a few QR codes.

Tatango Now Provides Real Time Analytics!
We’re excited today to announce a new dashboard for your Tatango account that gives you real-time analytics for your text message marketing campaigns. As you can see below, we’ve added both a chart of subscriber growth, in addition to three key metrics that you want to track when managing any text message marketing campaign.

Wells Fargo Text Message Scam
I’ve heard from numerous people in the Seattle area over the last 10 minutes that they’ve received the following text message claiming to be from Wells Fargo. This text message isn’t from Wells Fargo, this is a text message scam and should be ignored.

What is a QR Code? – Tatango University
Even if you’ve never heard of a QR code, there is a good chance you’ve seen one with their rising popularity in marketing campaigns lately. This week, Derek explains what a QR code is, why they were invented, and what you can do with them.


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