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SMS Marketing Case Study: Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty is a well-known, respected beauty supply retailer in the US, and they’re dedicated to making beauty accessible and convenient through their Ulta Beauty Text Alerts. These alerts focus on delivering coupons, promotions, membership deals, and unique offers to their customers, who can sign up for their alerts via the Ulta website or in person at the register. Below, we analyze Ulta’s text message marketing, looking at their efficiency, formatting, clarity, media usage, and more. The examples are pulled from smsarchives.com, a search engine for SMS marketing examples from Ulta Beauty and other top brands. Check it out for more great text message marketing examples!


Ulta Beauty SMS Marketing Examples: Beauty At Your Convenience


Ulta Beauty SMS Marketing Example 1

This is an example of Ulta’s event promotion text messages. The message clearly introduces and describes this product sale, displays the percentage savings, and shares the duration of the promotion. Throwing in an affirming, positive message and a heart emoji (consistent with the brand’s colors) gives the message a more personable and accessible tone to appeal to the consumer. If consumers feel like you care about them, they’re more likely to continue doing business with you. Psychologically speaking, pairing Ulta’s beauty products with feelings of self-love and self-care is a good way to tie positive feelings to the products, which can further drive sales.

The first message is paired with a link to the Ulta website, which goes to a webpage relevant to the sale. These kinds of links make it more convenient for consumers to take action, and provide the brand with data they can use to gauge product interest and the effectiveness of the campaign.


Ulta Beauty SMS Marketing Example 2

This message follows the same format as the one in the previous example, but it’s a different kind of promotion. Like most brands, Ulta is taking advantage of a holiday—in this case, Mother’s Day. As a cosmetics and beauty retailer, Ulta is uniquely positioned as a source of potential Mother’s Day gifts like makeup, perfume, and other such products. In this case, Ulta advertises gift cards to entice customers into their store. It’s pretty easy to grab a quick gift for mom while picking up a card, right? It’s just smart marketing.


Ulta Beauty SMS Marketing Example 3

In this example, Ulta takes a different, non-retail approach to SMS marketing. They’re advertising one-on-one consultations with a beauty specialist, free to their subscribers. Presenting this kind of unique value to a consumer makes Ulta stand out from its competitors and gives more value to the text alert program itself. This snowballing value can encourage customers to talk about the text program and therefore increase Ulta’s influence by word-of-mouth.


Ulta and TCPA Compliance

Signing up for Ulta’s Beauty Text Alerts is as simple as going to the website or asking at the register. A page on the Ulta website provides all necessary information about the subscription process and relevant commands. There’s no online opt-in form; the website simply gives the short code and subscription command and describes what the program entails.

Ulta provides a visible link to their SMS Terms and Conditions and makes it clear that consent is not a condition of product purchase. In short, they check all the necessary TCPA compliance boxes and make things easy for the consumer.


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