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SMS Marketing Case Study: Old Navy

Old Navy is a household name when it comes to clothing retailers. They’ve been around for quite a while, and they’ve been successful because of their ability to blend their branding style with modern innovations. Their use of SMS marketing follows that same trend, with once-weekly promotional messages sent to their subscribers. These messages usually involve exclusive sales, promotions, and event notifications. Below, we share a few of Old Navy’s text message marketing examples, so you can get an idea for their copy, images, strategy, and more.


Old Navy SMS Marketing Examples

To see more of Old Navy’s SMS marketing examples, as well as other text message marketing examples from more top brands, check out smsarchives.com. But first, let’s dive into Old Navy’s mobile alerts!


Old Navy SMS Marketing Example 1

old navy sms marketing text message example

In our first example of Old Navy’s SMS marketing, we see an open format that takes up more space on the screen for clarity’s sake. The company immediately identifies itself and the reason for the message. Fitting this information in the first line of text can improve click-through rates because that first line is displayed in the message preview on most phones’ lock screens—you can see why it’s the most important line of the message.

The message then describes the deal and leaves white space between the website link, the promotion code link, and the unsubscribe command. This kind of line-break formatting makes it easier for the recipient to see and understand the text quickly, which increases the likelihood that they’ll interact with the message.


Old Navy SMS Marketing Example 2

old navy sms marketing text message example

This second example is a little different. As brands recognize and rely on social media channels, it’s only natural that they’ll cross-promote. That’s exactly what’s going on here: Old Navy is using a weekly alert to bring more traffic to their Instagram page. As a clothing retailer, it’s wise for Old Navy to specifically promote this social media platform because it’s a purely visual social medium. Instagram is the perfect platform to show off (and therefore advertise) the clothing available at Old Navy.


Old Navy SMS Marketing Example 3

old navy sms marketing text message example

This is a more context-dependent example. Sent during the COVID-19 pandemic, this messaging example announces Old Navy’s new line of face masks. This message accomplishes two things: it shows Old Navy encouraging social responsibility, and creates an opportunity for Old Navy to continue to generate revenue during the pandemic. The necessary legal disclaimers are visibly separate and hard to miss, and the link itself gives consumers an easy way to get to the website. Including a link to the website allows Old Navy to measure product appeal and messaging efficiency and effectiveness.


Getting Started with SMS Marketing

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