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[New Feature] Real-Time Link Tracking Within SMS Campaigns

With text messages only being 160 characters, it’s essential that if you’re trying to link to something in a text message, you use a link shortener. A link shortener will take a long URL, and will transform it into something much more manageable like bit.ly/188lICE, which only takes up 14 characters.

While Tatango has offered the ability to shorten URLs as you compose your SMS messages for some time now, we’re excited to announce that you’re now able to track how many of your recipients are clicking on these links. Pretty cool huh?

How does it work? It’s actually pretty simple, and starts when you’re composing your SMS message. Instead of pasting the original URL (the big one) into where the rest of your message usually goes, you’ll want to first click on the little chain icon below the message box. When you do this, a field will appear below the message box, which you can see below.

SMS Link Shortening

Next you’ll want to take that big URL, and paste it into this new field. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to click the orange button that says “Shrink”. When you click the button, you’ll notice the big URL will disappear, and a new shorter URL will be placed into the actual SMS message, as you can see below.

Text Message Link Shortening

With Tatango link tracking, after you send your SMS message, you’ll be able to see in real-time how many of your recipients are clicking on the link. All of this information will be in each message report, as you can see from the example below.

Inserting Links Into SMS Promotions

While text message marketing has a 99% open rate, SMS click-through rates are a great metric to monitor, as they can quickly tell you how engaged recipients of your messages are, and how that compares with previous messages you’ve sent. SMS click-through rates vary depending on campaign, and can range from 6% to as high as 92%.

Looking to spice things up in your mobile marketing campaign? Remember that you can link to all sorts of things within a text message. These links can take recipients of a text message to a mobile website, an e-commerce page, a mobile video, a survey, or even an app store, where a recipient could download a mobile app. The possibilities are endless!


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