Over 25,000 People Text to Ban Testing on Animals

peta2 Mobile Campaign

Is your non-profit organization looking for a great way to engage supporters? Check out the peta2 SMS campaign below, which launched this year at Warped Tour to get some ideas for your own non-profit organization.

The SMS campaign was created to promote peta2’s Animals Don’t Smoke initiative. Banners, T shirts and peta2 volunteers encouraged people to Win Free Stuff by texting BUTT to 73822, which entered participants to win a button, sunglasses or a bag at a peta2 booth. Once opted-in they received an instant-win text that then encouraged them to reply with a comment urging the FDA to ban cigarette testing on animals. Well over 25,000 people opted-in to their mobile campaign just on the East coast alone.

 This text campaign was successful because:

  1. It used free stuff to attract consumers to join their SMS campaign. Who doesn’t like to receive free stuff?
  2. Creates interaction with peta2’s volunteers. In order to pick up their prize they had to go to to the peta2 booth where volunteers could give more information on their cause.
  3. Gives everyone the ability to take action. The coolest part of this campaign is that it allows you to reply with a message to the FDA via text message to ban cigarette testing on animals.

This is a great example of how an SMS campaigns with all the right elements can increase engagement with their supporters. Are you a non-profit looking for more engagement with your supporters, if so contact Tatango to develop your own SMS marketing strategy.


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