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One Big SMS Marketing Mistake You Need To Avoid

I always like to jump in and help the Tatango support team when possible, as not only is it fun, it allows me to understand the problems our customers are facing. Recently I fielded a handful of support requests from SMS subscribers, which is rare, as we usually only interact with the businesses running the SMS marketing campaigns, not their SMS subscribers. What these SMS subscribers were telling me, made me realize a big mistake that most SMS marketers are making.

What’s this big mistake that every one of the top 100 brands running text message marketing campaigns¬†is making? They’re all not telling customers how to re-subscribe to their text messaging campaign, after they’ve opted out. From what I was hearing from SMS subscribers I spoke to while fielding support requests, they were telling me that they had opted-out for one reason or another, but had since changed their mind, and wanted to re-subscribe, but they couldn’t figure out how to. To fix this issue, I now recommend that all SMS marketers add instructions within their opt-out message, telling SMS subscribers how to re-subscribe if they want to. You can see an example of this in the text message below.

Text Message Marketing Tips

Do you have any text message marketing tips you think marketers need to be aware of? If so, let us know them in the comments below. Thanks!

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