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Mobile Marketing Webinar Highlights

A couple weeks ago I attended a mobile marketing webinar put on by the Mobile Marketing Association, sponsored by Pontiflex and hosted by Michael Becker. Instead of making you go through the full 58 slides, I’ve embedded the most relevant and interesting slides regarding SMS marketing below.

If you want the entire presentation, view the Pontiflex 2011 Marketer Survey Results.

Mobile Marketing Seminar Slides
Mobile Marketing Association – Mobile Marketing Webinar


Top Priorities for Mobile Marketing in 2011
Top Priorities for Mobile Marketing in 2011


Mobile Marketing Ad Spend ROI

Does Better ROI Equal More Mobile Ad Spending


Mobile Marketing ROI

The Biggest Mobile Marketing Challenges


Mobile Ad Spending ROI

Reasons Why Marketers Aren’t Increasing Mobile Ad Spending


Mobile Marketing Ad Spend Next Year

Percentage Increase of Mobile Ad Spending in the Next Year


US Mobile Ad Spending 2011

2011 US Mobile Ad Spending


Time Spent on Mobile Apps

People Are Spending More Time on Mobile Applications


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