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Nightclub Text Message Marketing Tip

Like everyone else in the world, I’m a slave to my Facebook newsfeed. This week instead of working like I should have been, I was scrolling through my endless Facebook newsfeed looking at updates, pictures, and videos from friends and brands I like.

One brand I like on Facebook is a local nightclub and the following picture caught my eye. I’d like to tell you it caught my eye as I thought, what a great opportunity to teach the nightclub industry a little trick on how to grow their text message marketing campaigns. Most likely though it caught my eye because of all the good-looking girls in the photo.

Nightclub Text Message Marketing Tip

This nightclub has a done a great job of branding the photo with the name of the nightclub “CITRUS”, but if they had my undivided attention while looking at the photo (again, that’s a lot of good looking girls), they could have also captured my mobile phone number.

What I would recommend to nightclubs that release sets of weekly photos on sites like Facebook, is to add some type of call to action to capture viewers mobile phone numbers. Usually most photo editing software allows you to setup a template that you can run each photo through to add your text message marketing call to action, like in the below photo.

By doing this, you are gaining exposure for your text message marketing campaign on each and every photo you release.

Club Text Message Marketing Tip

Are you in the nightclub industry and have a tip for how to grow your text message marketing campaign? Let us know in the comments section below.


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