Text Message Marketing Case Studies

Menchie’s SMS Coupon Generates 30% Redemption Rate

How can text message marketing help your business grow sales? To find out, let’s look at a real-world example from Menchie’s, a popular frozen yogurt franchise. To capitalize on Menchie’s CEO’s appearance on the television show Undercover Boss, the frozen yogurt franchise wanted to offer fans their first 5 oz. of frozen yogurt for free during the weekend of October 26. To do this, this told fans to text MENCHIES to the short code 35350 during the airing of the television show. How did their SMS coupon do? Scroll down to find out the spectacular results from Menchie’s SMS coupon.

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt Text Message Marketing

So how many fans texted MENCHIES to the short code 35350 in order to receive their SMS coupon? 41,000… Yep… 41,000 fans during the airing of the television show took out their phone to request the SMS coupon from Menchies. Pretty good if you ask us!

What’s even more impressive is that 14,430 of those fans that requested the SMS coupon from Menchie’s visited a franchise location during that weekend to redeem the SMS coupon. That’s nearly a 30% redemption rate for that one SMS coupon!

What did Menchie’s think of their SMS coupon success? The Director of Marketing at Menchie’s said “Participating in Undercover Boss gave us the opportunity to create a dialogue with viewers nationwide by incentivizing them to come into the store and try our yogurt. We’ve never done a campaign like this before, but we found mobile to be the ideal channel to reach customers. We plan to incorporate mobile engagement campaigns into future initiatives.”

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