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Jurassic Park SMS Contest Takes Fans On Wild Ride

I love going on rides, especially when they involve dinosaurs, but the recent ride that Jurassic Park 3D took me on with their SMS contest had me shaking my head in disappointment. Let me explain why below.

Oh awesome, an SMS contest being advertised on Facebook here, I must opt-in! I ditch my laptop and grab my mobile phone and text JP3D to the SMS short code 834567 to enter for a chance to instantly win tickets to see Jurassic Park 3D, or maybe even $1,000 in cold hard cash.

Jurassic Park SMS Contest

Ok, maybe not so instantly, but I’m still craving that cold hard cash, or at the very least a chance to win tickets to Jurassic Park 3D.

Jurasic Park Text Messaging Contest

Wait… WTF? Did I just get sent to a website to enter the same contest that I thought I was being entered into when I ditched my computer a minute ago and texted JP3D to 834567 on my mobile phone?

Jurassic Park Text Message Contest

While I’m all for integrating SMS into existing marketing channels (I actually highly encourage it), it has to have a purpose! If the only way to enter this contest was to sign up online, there was just no reason to incorporate SMS, and it should have just been left out.  Now if this image was on a billboard out in the real world, then that would make a whole  lot more sense, but remember this was found on Facebook. If the only way to enter this contest was to sign up online, they should have just said that….

Jurassic Park SMS Contest

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