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Forbes Calls Tatango – Killer App of 2012

2012 Election

A lot of exciting things have been happening at Tatango lately and we almost missed the fact that we were mentioned in a Forbes article last month. “What’s the Killer App of 2012?” discusses the different technologies that are used in this years election and the importance of how people are collecting the data, segmenting the data and using the technology available to get their message out.

The article talked about how mobile marketing if used correctly can be a great way to communicate with voters/customers. You can read what they had to say about Tatango and SMS messaging below:

“I like Tatango, a service that will enable you to build your own opt-in list of customers, partners and prospects who want to get certain updates from you and prefer to get them by text. We have to face reality: a whole new generation of business people are emerging from high schools and universities around the country and these kids have grown up communicating with each other via text messaging. This is a marketing tool that will grow in influence over time.”

To read the full article click here.


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