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Choosing the Right Nonprofit Text Messaging Platform: Tatango vs. Hustle

When it comes to text messaging platforms, there are a variety of options available. Two popular platforms are Hustle and Tatango. While both platforms allow organizations to communicate with their supporters via text message, they differ in their capabilities and strengths. This blog post will explore the capabilities of Hustle and Tatango for effective nonprofit communication and text fundraising.

About Hustle 
Hustle is a platform that focuses primarily on SMS messaging. While it can send video messages, its capabilities are limited and not scalable. Hustle is designed to send messages to a maximum of 500 people at a time. This makes it a good option for smaller events or organizations that don’t need to reach a large number of people.

However, if you are hosting a run/walk/cycling event, or any event that requires the ability to send multimedia messages (images with videos, photos or emojis) to a large number of people at once, Hustle may not be the best choice. For events like these, Tatango offers a more robust set of features.

About Tatango
Tatango allows organizations to send multimedia messages to large groups of people at once. This means that event organizers can capture the excitement of their event and engage supporters in real-time. With Tatango, you can send messages fast with videos and images from your event, making it an ideal choice for event organizers.

In addition to its multimedia capabilities, Tatango offers a wide range of features that make it a powerful tool for engaging supporters. It allows organizations to send messages that include GIFs, emojis, and images, which can help to make messages more engaging and increase response rates.

Another advantage of Tatango is that it is a standalone texting platform, meaning that it is not embedded within a CRM or email platform. While these platforms may offer text messaging capabilities, they are often limited to plain-text (SMS) messages. Tatango allows nonprofit organizations to elevate their text messages and engage constituents more effectively with multimedia messages.

Overall, while Hustle may be a good option for smaller organizations or events that don’t require the ability to send multimedia messages to a large number of people, Tatango offers a more comprehensive set of features for event organizers and organizations looking to engage their supporters effectively. With its ability to send multimedia messages and its range of other features, Tatango is a powerful tool for any organization looking to connect with their supporters via text message. To learn more about Tatango’s robust and innovative text fundraising platform, reach out today. 


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