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Ace Hardware Mobile Marketing Case Study

Ace Hardware Mobile Marketing Case Study

When it comes to mobile marketing, Ace Hardware is going full-force, and seeing some great results, as reported by our friends over at FunMobility. This mobile marketing case study comes from Dale Hardware, a franchise owner of Ace Hardware. It’s reported that Dale Hardware’s mobile marketing campaign generated an additional $80,806 in sales during the month of August 2014, which for them equates to a 745% return on investment (ROI).The campaign was advertised to customers within Dale Hardware, by using stickers, flyers and banners. When consumers opt-in to Dale Hardware’s mobile marketing campaign, they were rewarded with a selection of redeemable mobile coupons. What’s impressive about this mobile marketing case study is that consumers that opted-in to Dale Hardware’s mobile marketing campaign, and received the opt-in mobile coupon spent $131.61 at the register, which compared to a normal hardware retail purchase is 10X greater!

The above statistic is very similar to what Seattle Sun Tan experienced when they offered new mobile marketing subscribers $20 off their next purchase. This one mobile marketing coupon generated $196,101.87 in new sales during their first month, and on average new mobile subscribers spent 500% more than customers that weren’t enrolled in their mobile marketing campaign. You can read this entire mobile marketing case study here.

As we said in the first paragraph, this isn’t Ace Hardware’s first mobile marketing case study that we’ve written about here at Tatango. Check out this mobile marketing case study, where we calculate the value of a mobile marketing subscriber for different Ace Hardware locations. What was the value of a mobile subscriber for Ace Hardware locations? Between $267 and $529 in annual sales. Pretty impressive huh?

Need some ideas on how to advertise your mobile marketing campaign in-store to customers? Check out this blog post we did, to get some ideas from how Ace Hardware is doing it.

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