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Tatango vs SMS Aggregator – What’s the Difference?



In the video above, Tatango CEO Derek Johnson answers the question: “What’s the difference between Tatango and an SMS aggregator?” Prefer to read instead? No problem, please see the post below. You can also find answers to all of your SMS marketing questions in our Q&A video library; click here to browse.


What Is Tatango?

Tatango is a software provider that offers SMS marketing software and industry expertise to help companies solve their text message marketing challenges. Tatango’s software allows marketers to build, manage, and launch a limitless variety of text messaging campaigns, without requiring a developer or external resources.

Working with an SMS software provider like Tatango creates the following workflow:

  1. A brand works with Tatango to craft a message for its customers.
  2. Tatango sends that message with a customer list to the SMS aggregator.
  3. The SMS aggregator then sends that message to the appropriate wireless carriers.
  4. The wireless carries send that message to a customer’s mobile device.


What Is an SMS Aggregator?

SMS aggregators act as a buffer in between wireless carriers and SMS software providers. With approximately 42 wireless carriers (e.g. AT&T, Verizon, etc.) in the U.S., how does a brand’s text message reach the end-users on all those different wireless providers? SMS aggregators help simplify this process by building and maintaining all of the technical relationships with wireless carriers, and providing one point of contact to each SMS software provider. Through this process, SMS software providers can send and receive short code messages on all the wireless carriers with one contract and messaging connection.


How are SMS Software Providers and Aggregators Different?

SMS software providers and SMS aggregators are very different in the services they provide, but both are required to work together to run text message marketing campaigns. Most SMS aggregators don’t have a software layer that allows marketers to build and manage SMS marketing campaigns, while Tatango does. Tatango then uses an SMS aggregator to send and receive messages through the wireless carriers.


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