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Why 10DLC Is Good for SMS Marketing (and Your Campaign)

Why 10DLC is A Good Thing for SMS Marketing

Text message marketing has revolutionized how political candidates and advocacy groups interact with existing and potential supporters. Over the last decade, SMS messaging has been an essential tool for political elections and nonprofit campaigns. Text message marketing helps generate awareness, raise donations, increase votes, and reach volunteers. 

As you may have noticed, political and advocacy messages sent from an SMS software provider such as Tatango usually come from 5 or 6-digit numbers. The great news is that 10-digit long codes (10DLC) are now approved for political text messaging campaigns! In this blog post, you’ll learn about the benefits of using 10DLCs for your next political campaign. 


What is a 10DLC? 

A 10DLC is a text messaging solution that allows political organizations and advocacy groups to send mass texts from a local number. 10DLC messaging is also known as “local A2P messaging” because the phone numbers mirror local phone numbers. 

If you’re new to political SMS messaging, you may be wondering, what is A2P messaging? Let’s do a quick review. Political organizations use two types of text messaging: person-to-person/peer-to-peer (P2P) and application-to-person (A2P). 

In P2P messaging, one person sends a text to another person. It happens between two standard 10-digit phone numbers. When you text friends and family, you’re using P2P messaging. 

A2P texts are sent through an automated system, such as Tatango, and mainly use shorter, five- or six-digit phone numbers. Previously, 10DLCs were only allowed for P2P texting, but they’re now allowed for commercial and political use.


What Are Short Codes? 

Until now, A2P messaging only used short codes, five- or six-digit phone numbers as described earlier. Brands and organizations use short codes to communicate with their audiences. Although 10DLCs are now allowed for A2P messaging, one advantage of using short codes is that they’re easier to remember.

Contrary to 10DLCs, short codes used in text message marketing are categorized in:

  • Vanity short code: A vanity short code has an aesthetic appeal and is specifically selected by a brand. Generally, vanity short codes have repeating or consecutive numbers, such as 227227, 00400, 12345. Organizations often choose a vanity short code when they want to spell something on a mobile’s keypad or create a memorable, campaign-related keyword for consumers to text into. Vanity short codes are easier to remember but can cost up to $1,000 per month.
  • Non-vanity short code: A non-vanity SMS short code, also known as random or generic short code, is randomly generated. Non-vanity short codes have a much lower monthly cost than vanity short codes but can be harder to remember.
  • Shared short code: A shared short code is used and paid for by many organizations. Different organizations can use the same number, and regardless of who sends the texts, all messages will arrive on the recipient’s phone from the same short code number. For years, shared short codes have been the go-to for retail or brand text messages marketing.
  • Dedicated short code: Unlike a shared short code, only one brand or organization uses and pays for a dedicated short code. Leasing a dedicated short code can range from $500 to $1,000 per month.

The introduction of 10DLCs doesn’t mean short codes will go away. On the contrary, each type of phone number supports specific needs and desired outcomes, allowing organizations to be more strategic about their long-term goals. 

3 Benefits of Using 10DLCs for Political Organizations

As previously mentioned, using 10DLCs in A2P texting opens up new possibilities in SMS message marketing for political organizations and advocacy groups. Digital marketing is constantly changing, and your campaign must stay on top of new technologies in the channels they use. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of using 10DLCs.


Personal Touch

A 10DLC needs an area code because of its length, making it easier to recognize as a local phone number. A2P texting through 10DLCs allows political organizations and advocacy groups to confidently text supporters from a local phone number. Using a 10DLC improves supporter engagement and experience because subscribers will feel as if they’re texting with friends and family. Using familiar area codes is even more relevant when running campaigns for local political candidates and advocacy groups. Supporters will identify your number, and your texts won’t be ignored. 


Low Cost

A2P texting through 10DLCs is expected to cost less than leasing a short code. Sometimes budgets are tight, and a campaign can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars. A 10DLC is a more cost-effective option and ensures security and reliability without the high cost of a dedicated short code. 


Fast Setup

10DLCs are designed for businesses and organizations that send a moderate to large volume of text messages. This technology is easy to set up and implement, ensuring fast delivery of your text messages. 10DLCs reduce the risk of scams and increase accountability and transparency with your subscribers. Additionally, having an assigned 10DLC helps ensure proper usage since your organization will be the only one using it. 

Why 10DLC is A Good Thing for SMS Marketing

Launch Your Next Campaign with Tatango! 

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