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Last week I went to the local Regal theatre to watch In Time (great movie, by the way), and saw the following sign. I laughed and thought to myself how many people actually walk up to the guest service desk on the 2nd floor and put pen to paper to signup for their emails.

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To find the answer, I made my way up to the 2nd floor and asked the person sitting behind the guest service desk how many people have signed up to receive their monthly emails? His answer, “I’ve never seen anyone… so I’m guessing not many”.

Why weren’t people signing up for their monthly emails? My best guess was that it was too much of a hassle to bother. As I watch moviegoers wait in-line to use the escalator, while the entire flight of stairs lay completely empty, I’m reminded that people like things easy, not hard. Pretty simple concept right?

Why not instead of making people read the sign, walk up to the second floor, find the guest services booth, ask for the signup sheet, ask for a pen, then write down their email address, why not let them opt-in right on the spot? See below for how I would have made it more simple by incorporating text message marketing into their sign, doesn’t that seem much more simple?

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