SMS Marketing Best Practices

Using SMS Contests to Increase Subscribers

Thinking about running an SMS contest for your business? Did you know that SMS contests are a great way to increase subscribers to your mass messaging campaign? Well it’s true, and it’s extremely easy to do.

To setup, there are a few steps.

1) You will need to create an SMS Autoresponder keyword. These keywords allow you to run SMS contests.

2) You will then create a second keyword, this time though it will be a Subscription keyword. These keywords allow your customers to opt-in to receive future text messaging campaigns from your business.

3) In the text message response for the SMS contest, you will instruct customers to reply with the Subscription keyword to opt-in to receive future messages. You can see a very simple example of this process below.

That’s all, pretty simple huh?

SMS Contest

Quick Tip: In the SMS contest response message, there is no need to tell customers what shortcode your using for your mass messaging campaign is (i.e. Text COUPONS to 68398). Since the SMS contest is already running on the shortcode you’re using for your mass messaging campaign, simply tell customer to reply with a keyword to the message they just received (i.e. Reply COUPONS).

Want more information on running an SMS contest to grow your mass messaging campaign? Be sure to read this blog post,¬†where we dive deep into the metrics behind “double opt-in” campaigns.


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