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Use These Tatango Reports to Increase Donations During End-of-Year Appeals

Increase Donations During End-of-Year Appeals With Tatango

Though your end-of-year fundraiser may be underway, now is not the time to stand on the sidelines watching things play out. Using valuable, real-time insights, you can optimize your appeal moment to moment to increase engagement and donations and end the year successfully.

Since 2007, Tatango has helped organizations run successful SMS fundraising campaigns. In that time, we’ve honed our reporting system to provide the information and control necessary to fine-tune your messaging on the fly. Getting the message just right is especially crucial during end-of-year campaigns. So, instead of waiting for the end of a campaign to see how it performed, this information is now available at your fingertips as soon as your audience receives your message.

Keep reading to learn how to increase donations during end-of-year appeals by taking advantage of valuable message reports. In this blog, we share three reports generated by Tatango that will aid in your fundraising efforts.

SMS and MMS For End-of-Year Appeals

Text messaging has become the most efficient and effective marketing and fundraising method, offering the highest degree of connection and communication with your audience. Over 83.32% of the population now has a smartphone, 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them, and text message open rates regularly reach 99%. 

SMS and MMS text messaging create a one-on-one connection with each supporter and allow you to focus on time-sensitive fundraising and updates. This personal communication can significantly impact your supporters’ sense of connection to your organization and the success of your end-of-year appeals.

Three Tatango Reports You Can Use to Increase Donations During End-of-Year Appeals

  1. See How Many People Received Your Message

    Start with the basics: delivery rate. How has your subscriber list changed since your last campaign?

    If you’ve set a target number of donations at the start of a campaign and you’re not on track to reach your projected numbers, the first place to look for insight is your messages received report. If your message reached fewer people, adjust your expectations based on the number of supporters who received your message.

    Watch this video to learn more about text message open rates:

  1. See How Many People Interacted with Your Message

    A hallmark of a successful campaign is a high engagement rate. But what constitutes a high engagement rate?

    The Tatango platform monitors every click-through when your adience clicks a link in your message or replies to your message. This information helps determines your engagement rate. An effective message will generate a high amount of interaction, indicating that recipients are interested in your message and want to participate beyond receiving the text.

    Watch this video to learn about MMS strategies that help increase engagement:

  1. See How Many People Donated

Receiving donations is the goal of your end-of-year appeals. About 12% of all donations are received during the last three days of the year. Take this opportunity to try new ways to reach those in your audience who haven’t donated. Monitor how many people have donated at any point in your campaign, fine-tune your messaging, and engage with your audience to encourage donations.

Add Tatango to Your 2022 Campaign and Beyond

If you’re ready to reach more supporters and maximize your end-of-year fundraising potential with SMS and MMS text messaging, we’re here to help. Contact the text message marketing experts at Tatango today.

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