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Retrospective: Why Your Giving Tuesday Campaign Failed And How To Fix it for EOY

Why Your Giving Tuesday Campaign Failed And How To Fix it for EOY

Giving Tuesday is the heart of many nonprofit organizations’ fundraising efforts all year, culminating months of preparation, planning, and outreach. Founded in 2012, Giving Tuesday focuses on raising money and supporting worthy causes throughout the year but gets a worldwide spotlight on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. 

It’s easy to miss the mark on Giving Tuesday. You may have set clear goals and didn’t meet them. Or your outreach strategy may have stalled, holding you back from hitting your fundraising objectives. This underperformance is frustrating and disheartening, especially when you’ve invested significant time and effort in your Giving Tuesday campaign. Thankfully, there are easy ways to review your strategy and make improvements for next time. 

Relying on SMS Fundraising

Only 15% of nonprofits use text messaging to connect with supporters. This communication channel is a perfect way to build momentum throughout the year and peak during November and December. If you’re one of the many nonprofits using SMS messages in your fundraising campaign, there are some key ways you can optimize your game plan. 

Whether you’re new to SMS messaging or revamping your current text message marketing plan, choosing the right SMS provider is critical for success. Tatango has been an industry leader for over 15 years, refining and testing software and strategies proven to boost your message and hit fundraising goals.

Three Ways to Optimize Your SMS Strategy

If your Giving Tuesday campaign struggled this year, let’s look at some key ways to turn things around by the end of the year and prepare for Giving Tuesday next year. 

    1. Avoid Short-Term Strategies

      Some nonprofit strategists only look at upcoming fundraising opportunities and push their donors aggressively. However, most organizations are in this for the long haul. Make sure your donors feel respected and valued as part of your support base. Rather than constantly sending donation links and reminders, send a variety of messages and embed images, video clips, GIFs, and links in your messages. Heartfelt updates make supporters feel more engaged in your organization’s cause and help ensure they stay focused on Giving Tuesday and beyond.

    2. Thank Supporters

      Follow-up messages and thank-you notes help donors feel appreciated and clear about their role in your efforts. Recognize people for small and large donations alike. Every gift makes a difference. You can also personalize thank-you messages to let donors know what their specific contributions helped your organization achieve.

    3. Use Active and Straightforward Communication

    1. Make sure supporters always know exactly how to help your campaign. Do you want them to help you get the word out about Giving Tuesday? Sign up for volunteer opportunities? Donate by the end of the year? Tell them. Avoid passive language and confusing instructions. Give clear steps for how they can follow through and get involved. Instead of saying, “Donations can help us reach our goal,” say, “Donate today to help us reach our goal.” Straightforward calls to action can significantly impact your campaigns and fundraising drives.

If you need to boost your donations by the EOY, center your campaign around SMS messaging. Adjust and plan for sustainable strategies, use active language, and give supporters clear direction. These steps can make all the difference and help you finish the year strong. 

Forward-Thinking Fundraising Strategies 

Don’t feel disheartened if you’ve fallen short of your Giving Tuesday goals. You still have December to focus on fundraising and turn things around. In fact, one-third of all funds usually come in during December, with 10% of the yearly total donated within the last three days of the year. November and December are a great time to call people to action and set long-term foundations for future fundraising. With direct calls to action, eye-catching updates, and sincere thank-you messages, you can encourage more people to hop on board before the end of the year (and build momentum for next year’s Giving Tuesday efforts). 

Partner with Tatango for Fundraising Success

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