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How To Replicate Your Marketing Campaigns for SMS

How To Replicate Your Marketing Campaigns for SMS

In these on-the-go, mobile times, most of us always have our cell phones nearby, if not in our hands. If your marketing strategy doesn’t include a text messaging element, now’s the time to integrate one into your campaign.

Marketing is no longer driven by analog channels such as print advertising, TV commercials, and phone calls. With the ability to reach an audience quickly and personally, there has never been a more direct and effective line of communication for marketing than SMS text messaging. Optimizing your marketing campaign specifically for an SMS audience is essential for maximum success.

Why Use SMS Text Message Marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing channels, which usually require a sizeable budget, text message fundraising is a highly effective fundraising platform, scalable for budgets of any size. While other electronic fundraising methods deliver diminishing returns, an SMS text-to-give platform is vital for fundraising campaigns and stands apart from other strategies and tools. 

About 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them, and compared to traditional communication and promotion methods, more than 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received. Because SMS has the highest open rates of any communication method, text-to-give has become a must-have fundraising tool.

Text messaging is one of the most efficient and cost-effective fundraising tools available. With SMS text message marketing, organizations can communicate faster, connect directly with supporters, and focus on time-sensitive issues while raising funds to advance their cause. SMS allows supporters to stay engaged with your organization, respond to your messages, and donate in seconds. This direct line of communication can significantly enhance a supporter’s sense of personal connection witih your organization and positively impact your campaign’s success.

Three Ways to Replicate Your Marketing Campaign for SMS

    1. Define Your Goal

      Moving your marketing campaign to SMS might change its purpose. Define your goal to determine how best to take advantage of SMS and MMS text messages. A text message marketing campaign to raise donations will be different than a campaign for connecting with more volunteers.

      If you have more than one goal, the list segmentation capabilities of the Tatango platform make it possible to send different messages to specific audiences, all within the same campaign.

      The following video shows how easy it is to send mass, segmented messages to different audiences to maximize effectiveness.

    1. Make It Interactive

      Text messaging is inherently interactive—it takes two to text, after all. By inviting your subscribers to participate in a survey or asking them direct questions, you’re telling them their opinions matter and you’re helping them feel like they’re a part of a greater cause.

    2. Make It Personal

      Speaking of personalization, one of the biggest benefits of SMS campaigns is being able to connect directly with your supporters, address them by name, and help them feel welcome with your organization. Use the information collected in surveys to personalize messages specific to the subscriber. Tailoring messages to their interests can help make your SMS campaign even more effective.

    It doesn’t take much to replicate your marketing campaign for SMS, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, either. All these tools are available to you with Tatango.

    Add Tatango to Your Fundraising Workflow

    Jump-start your marketing campaign and maximize its potential with SMS. To learn more about all the ways to elevate your marketing campaign with text messaging, contact the text message marketing experts at Tatango today.

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