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The Truth About Political Texting That No Politician Will Tell You

When an election is on the line, it matters who you choose as your political text message marketing platform. Many platforms can successfully send text messages, but the truth is that’s the bare minimum, and it’s not necessarily going to win any elections. Tatango has helped politicians win elections in some of the country’s tightest political races. We know what works, and we know what you need to win. In this article, we share five truths about political texting that no politician will tell you—especially if they’re your competition.


Prioritize Security


Because we specialize in working with political candidates, security is one of our highest priorities at Tatango. You must ensure that your text message marketing campaigns are safe from hackers and bad actors. Otherwise, you’re at risk of someone sending a false message to your subscribers. Imagine the consequences (not to mention the PR nightmare) if someone sends a message that doesn’t represent your campaign’s values or sends a rogue message telling voters that an election result has been called or a voting date has changed. At Tatango, we prioritize security, so you have total control (and peace of mind) with your political texting program.


Ensure Two-factor Authentication


Speaking of security, make sure you ask any text message marketing provider you’re considering working with if they support two-factor authentication. Many texting platforms don’t offer two-factor authentication, and it’s essential for political text message marketing campaigns. Two-factor authentication ensures that the only people who can send text messages on behalf of your campaign are the people you want sending messages. We’re always surprised by how many SMS marketing platforms consider two-factor authentication overrated when, without it, politicians put their text campaigns at risk of infiltration from hackers, rogue employees, or even foreign governments.


Use A Dedicated Short Code


Political groups and organizations could previously use shared short codes, but the CTIA and wireless carriers now require that politicians use dedicated short codes. A shared short code is a short code that many organizations share, whereas a dedicated short code is a short code that a single organization uses exclusively.

Not only is this better for security, as you don’t risk getting your phone number shut down when another organization doesn’t follow the rules, but it’s also better for branding and recall. Ideally, people recognize your phone number when they see it on your campaign bus, podiums, or flyers. A shared short code could also be associated with causes or companies that may not align at all with your campaign messaging and values.


Prioritize Maximum Throughput and Sending Speeds


Another challenge for political candidates is that they send a massive volume of messages. For retailers, it may not typically matter how long it takes to send a coupon, but a political candidate’s messages are often time-sensitive.

Most SMS marketing platforms can’t handle the throughput and sending speeds political candidates need. The Tatango platform is built for (and stress-tested) by the most important elections in history. Our text message sending speeds are 33 times faster than our closest competitor, ensuring that your messages reach recipients when it matters most.


Make Sure You Can Send Messages in Real Time


Being able to send messages when you want to send them sounds like a given, right? Well, some text message marketing platforms require you to wait 24 hours before sending a message. Not so with Tatango. Our platform gives you complete control so you can send messages whenever you want (or need) to.

Imagine having to wait 24 hours to message your subscribers after important news breaks, when a competitor makes remarks about you, or a when critical election result is shared. Politics are all about breaking news, and time is of the essence. At Tatango we working with political candidates and know what’s important to them, and we enable our clients to send messages in real time.


Ready to Win? We’re Ready to Support You

Tatango has been the industry leader in text message marketing for more than 13 years. We know what works, and we’re passionate about supporting democracy through our political clients. Contact us today to discuss how political SMS marketing can help you win your next big election.

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