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Text Message Marketing Tactics for Political Candidates in 2021

Text Message Marketing Tactics for Political Candidates in 2021

Text message marketing is one of the top choices for political candidates to reach their base in 2021. SMS marketing offers political candidates the opportunity to increase fundraising donations, improve voter turnout, and share their mission with audiences targeted down to their zip codes. Tatango’s text messaging software can send up to 100,000 text messages per minute, which makes it the perfect platform for fast-growing political campaigns

Text message marketing ranks above traditional mailers and email marketing because of its 99 percent open rate, message personalization options, targeted communication, and real-time data analysis. Some Tatango clients average $5 for every $1 invested into their text message marketing. If you’re searching for strategies to use in your political campaign this year, keep reading to learn about the top text message marketing tactics for political organizations in 2021.


SMS Personalization

SMS personalization is one of the most effective tools a political SMS marketer can use. Tatango’s political clients can personalize messages to their subscribers using first names and locations. Including a constituent’s first name in a message can help build a more trusting relationship. Think of how comforting it is to feel that a representative knows who you are and is working in your interest.

Message personalization with Tatango’s SMS platform is quick and efficient and helps your campaign stand apart from the competition. Contact one of our SMS marketing experts for assistance in crafting personalized messages for your upcoming campaign season.

Political Fundraising with ActBlue and Tatango - Merge Tags


MMS Messages

Did you know that 90 percent of text messages sent to subscribers are opened within the first three minutes? Take advantage of the high open rates in text message marketing by using MMS messaging to increase subscriber engagement. MMS makes it possible to enrich political text messages with GIFs, images, and hyperlinks. With these added capabilities, political candidates can get more creative with their messaging and inspire their subscribers to donate, sign petitions, or share with friends and family.

Imagine the positive impact on voter turnout that a quick video message could have. Sending animated thank you messages to individual donors ensures personal touch and a lasting positive impression that will guarantee they won’t regret funding your campaign. And adding a hyperlink voters can click to find their nearest polling location could make a big difference on election night. 


SMS Segmentation 

With Tatango’s SMS platform, our clients can segment subscriber list based on similar characteristics. The possibilities to target communication to segmented audiences are nearly limitless. Political candidates can send strategic messages to subscribers based on their interests, zip code, and donation amounts. For example, if you want to increase voter turnout in a specific county, you can send a targeted CTA message only to those constituents in the relevant zip codes.

Tatango Messaging Platform -Subscriber Segmenting 


Messaging Analytics 

Lastly, one of the most beneficial aspects of using Tatango’s text message marketing platform for your political campaign is the real-time data our political clients can access. With Tatango’s analytics tool,  our political clients can keep track of how effective their campaigns are. Discovering the patterns in data can help increase engagement overall, and figuring out when and why your subscriber list grows delivers a jackpot of powerful voter insights. Analytical data helps political campaign managers recreate successful messaging and ditch strategies that don’t work. 


Partner With Our SMS Marketing Experts

Tatango is dedicated to supporting political campaigns in designing successful text message marketing campaigns. Reach out to us so we can learn more about your political campaign and help you with the right tactics to deliver winning results.

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