SMS Marketing Best Practices

Text Message Advertising Tip

So you want to write the perfect text message¬†advertisement? The first place to start is by watching our video on writing the perfect text message advertisement. Once you’ve mastered those skills, you will want to remember the next tip I’m going to give you.

The Tip: Always start your text message advertising copy with the deal.

What does this mean? Take for example the two text messages below. Most offers including a deal (receive a free soda) and a qualifier for that deal (when you purchase any regular sushi roll). The key when writing any good text message advertising copy is getting the deal portion as near to the top of the message as possible, while the qualifier can hang out below. The reason being is that the deal is there to hook people, so you want the hook, the part that grabs their attention at the start of your text message advertising copy, not at the end.

Text Message Advertising Tip

Don’t believe us? Check out the paper coupons below, see how each deal is always at the top, and the qualifier below it? This isn’t a¬†coincidence…

Firehouse Subs Coupon

Buca Italian Restaurant Coupon

Wienerschnitzel CouponMcDonalds Coupon


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