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T-Mobile’s Code of Conduct: November 2020 Updates

T-Mobile’s Code of Conduct was first introduced in September 2020. A new update to their Code of Conduct Version 2.2 was released in November 2020 and takes effect immediately. Below are some of the updated sections and important requirements.

Transitioning Message Programs to New Application Address (Section 3.10)

    • The carrier removed the requirement to request an opt-in on the new number. As a reminder, opt-out instructions must be provided in both messages. Here is an example of transitioning to a new number: 

Last message on your old number: Hooli recurring promo messages will no longer come from 12345. Moving forward, they will come from 56789. For help, email: Text STOP to end.

First message on your new number: Hooli: This is our new number! You agreed to terms for recurring msgs at Text STOP to end, HELP for help.

Unlawful, Unapproved, or Illicit Content (Section 5.1)

    • To provide clarification, T-Mobile added that content must be legal across all 50 states. At this time, the marketing and promotion of marijuana or cannabis are still not permitted as it falls under unlawful, unapproved, and illicit content.

Disallowed Content (Section 5.2)

    • Prohibited content under High-Risk Financials, such as Short Term High-Interest Loans, Auto Loans by 3rd party, Mortgage Loans by 3rd party, and Student Loans are now streamlined under the category Non-Direct Lenders.

Charitable Donations Program (Section 6.7)

    • Short codes must be leased/owned by the charitable organization. If you are on a premium short code supported by T-Mobile Mobile Giving Aggregator, this rule does not apply.

Short code programs may also need to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), CTIA Handbook, and CTIA Message Principles and Best Practices. If you ever have questions about SMS marketing rules concerning a specific carrier, CTIA, or even TCPA, please don’t hesitate to contact the SMS marketing experts at Tatango.

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