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SMS Marketing Statistics: 43% of Responses – 15Min

SMS Marketing Statistics - Replies

Looking for a great SMS marketing statistic? Look no further than what Dynmark has discovered about SMS responses. In a 2013 report, they found that a significant proportion of SMS responses from brands occurred within 15 minutes of a consumer receiving the SMS message. I guess that’s not that hard to believe, as text messages have a 99% open rate, and 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.

To gather the data, Dynmark looked at almost a billion SMS messages, on 1,500 wireless carrier networks, across 42 mobile device types, and in a bunch of different countries. You can see the data they collected on SMS response rates during the first 15 minutes after the message was sent in the graph above, or we’ve included the different industries and their SMS response rates during the first 15 minutes below.

  • Retail: 32%
  • Betting & Trading: 33%
  • Entertainment: 37%
  • Travel & Transportation: 54%
  • Finance & Banking: 57%

Dynmark attributes the fast response times for Finance & Banking messaging to it being more operational in nature, rather than offer-based content that is usually associated with retail SMS marketing.

The study also determined the click-through rate of text messages in each industry. Retail SMS marketing messages had a click-through rate of 8%, with entertainment at 14%, with the average being 4%.

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