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SMS Marketing Software Provider Tatango Celebrates 11th Birthday

We are happy to announce that on October 24, 2018, Tatango celebrated its 11th birthday!!! It all started for us on October 24, 2007, when our CEO and founder, Derek Johnson, launched the company under its original name NetworkText, which was a service that allowed groups to communicate with each other for free via text messages.

Then, in 2008, we changed our company name to Tatango, and we grew into the brand that we are today. Time has flown by quickly, and we have achieved many great things during the years that we are in business.

Now that we celebrate our 11th birthday, we thought it to be a good opportunity to look back at some of those things we have achieved during more than a decade of operating in the text message marketing industry.

Since its launch, Tatango has grown into an industry leader in the field of text message marketing software solutions. We were able to acquire companies like HungryThumb, and Broadtexter, and we launched the U.S. Short Code Directory in 2016. We have closely worked together with many fortune 500 businesses, and we are a driving force behind the SMS, MMS, and RCS campaigns from several well-known brands in the global market.

To inform brands about what is going on in our industry, we have also created an educational YouTube channel, on which we post regular video updates about text message marketing related topics.

Needless to say, we couldn’t have achieved all these great successes without the help of our dedicated team, the Seattle Alliance of Angels investors, and, of course, all the great clients that we have worked with over the years.

At Tatango, we always strive to bring the best SMS software services to market. We are happy to be a part of the text message marketing industry evolution, and we look forward to the next 11 years to come.

We are here to help your company discover text message marketing, and provide you with the leading text message software. You can reach our team via the Tatango contact page: https://www.tatango.com/contact-sales/

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