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SMS Marketing For Agencies [Free Beginner’s Guide]

Agency SMS Marketing

Are you a marketing agency looking to start offering SMS marketing to you clients? If so, we’ve got some awesome news for you! Tatango recently developed a free beginner’s guide to SMS marketing for agencies, with the help of our good friends at download this free guide to SMS marketing for agencies, click here.

So what’s in this free SMS marketing guide for agencies? Below are some of the topics we cover in the free guide.

  • The basics of SMS marketing for agencies.
  • Types of SMS campaigns, and SMS messages that you can run for your clients.
  • Gain an understanding of how the industry works, and where and how your agency fits in.
  • Why brands are using SMS marketing, and why you should be offering SMS marketing to your agency clients.
  • How to properly acquire your clients customer’s mobile phone numbers.
  • Understanding the basics of messaging, including objective & offer types.
  • SMS short code basics.
  • How to measure SMS marketing success for your agency clients.

Ready to download your free copy of our free guide to SMS marketing for agencies? Click here to download your free copy, or click on the guide below.

SMS Marketing for Agencies - Free Guide

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