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SMS Marketing Case Study: Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the most recognizable retailers of office and technology products in the United States. Like any technology-minded organization, Best Buy takes advantage of the cutting-edge tools at its disposal—including SMS marketing. In the post below, we analyze Best Buy’s SMS marketing program, including their legendary Best Buy Deal of the Day. The examples themselves are pulled from smsarchives.com, which you can check out for more SMS marketing examples from Best Buy and other top brands.


Best Buy SMS Marketing Examples

Below are a few of our favorite Best Buy text message marketing examples.


Best Buy SMS Marketing Example 1

best buy SMS marketing text message

Best Buy keeps SMS marketing messages simple and to the point. The message shown above is a prime example of most of Best Buy’s messaging promoting the Best Buy Deal of the Day. Every day, or every few days, Best Buy will have a sale of some kind for a single product or set of products. It’s this recurring notification that most of Best Buy’s customers opt-in for. The message itself is a single SMS message that identifies itself, outlines the deal, and provides a link to the Best Buy website. Best Buy wants to get the relevant information into the consumers’ hands without wasting their time, and this message style does just that. The link in the message also gives Best Buy an easy way to track the effectiveness of the campaign. Best Buy can also use this information to judge the value and demand of the product in question—always a good thing!


Best Buy SMS Marketing Example 2

best buy SMS marketing text message

Above is another example of Best Buy’s SMS marketing, this time promoting a multi-day sale for a product line. This message uses the same general structure seen in the previous example. In this case, the website link comes through a second message instead of a nested hyperlink, which is a noteworthy departure from Best Buy’s standard message structure and style. However, this separate link draws attention and even lets the link title function as another headline for the text message, making consumers more likely to click and check it out, even if they skim the rest of the message.


Best Buy SMS Marketing Example 3

best buy SMS marketing text message

Our final example promotes a larger sale spread out over multiple days. The same format used elsewhere is used in this message: an initial identifying statement, a short description of the promotion, and a hyperlink to the Best Buy website. It’s simple and effective, which is just what Best Buy’s regular customers want.


Getting Started with SMS Marketing

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