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Great Wolf Lodge RCS Business Messaging Examples

RCS business messaging is the latest form of interactive messaging that brings brand images, products, and suggestions to life. While traditional text message marketing is limited to 160-character messages, RCS messaging offers features similar to what you’d see on Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp—all on one platform. This new protocol allows for video chats, interactive media, and other engaging tools. In this blog post, we show examples of how Great Wolf Lodge is making the most of RCS business messaging.


What is RCS Business Messaging?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, and it’s a more robust and varied form of messaging than traditional SMS (Short Message Service) messaging.

For businesses, RCS allows you to communicate with consumers in a richer and more flexible way. RCS enables companies to use branded media and interactive tools to present recipients with options such as seeing search results based on style preferences, viewing calendar or map updates, or scanning easy-to-use QR codes. It’s estimated that 86% of smartphones will soon be RCS-enabled, which will allow your brand to use this wide array of new tools in your messaging.

Put simply, RCS business messaging provides more tools, more options, and more brand recognition. But don’t take it from us—we’ve put together some actual examples so you can see for yourself below.


Great Wolf Lodge RCS Business Messaging Demos

In this demo video, you see the Chat directory and search feature for Great Wolf Lodge.

Immediately in the video, you can see the branded page, and select the button to chat. The messaging utilizes the brand as the sender, as opposed to a short code as the sender. This makes the messaging more personable and brand-specific.

As the messaging continues, the suggested prompts help guide the consumer to their desired result quickly and easily. The message ends with a carousel feature, which is a tool that allows brands to neatly highlight their array of services and offerings—all without a clunky hyperlink! The almost app-like functionality of this messaging demonstrates the power of RCS business messaging.

The following demo video is another example of RCS business messaging for Great Wolf Lodge, presenting another depiction of the events of the video above, but without the commentary. The  video highlights the carousel again, and also demonstrates the navigation and map integration with the RCS messaging exchange.


Great Wolf Lodge RCS Business Messaging Examples

Let’s see what these Great Wolf Lodge RCS messaging examples look like as screenshots. Below, you can see the brand-specific Chat tab for the Great Wolf Lodge, with their terms and conditions clearly linked, as well as buttons for chatting and calling.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Great Wolf Lodge Hotel 1

Next, you see the chat iniation started by the consumer. The RCS automated response informs the consumer of their command options and then waits for a response.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Great Wolf Lodge Hotel 4

Below, you see the first few messages between the consumer and Great Wolf Lodge, where the consumer is prompted with a map and a set of directions. While not shown, the consumer was also presented with a list of options to respond with.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Great Wolf Lodge Hotel 5In this example below, the consumer selected the suggestion for the Pocono Mountains location. Great Wolf Lodge then displays a picture and invites the consumer to get directions or explore the lodge further.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Great Wolf Lodge Hotel 2

Below, you see the carousel function displaying the features and services available in the selected Great Wolf Lodge location. This carousel is called up when the consumer selects an “Explore this Lodge” prompt. By swiping right to left on the carousel, the consumer is able to see individual items as well as links to the more detailed website.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Great Wolf Lodge Hotel 3

We hope this breakdown was interesting and informative to you. If you’re interested in launching your own SMS marketing or RCS business messaging campaign, Tatango would be happy to help you. Give our text message marketing experts a call.

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