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Pizza Hut Promotes Mobile Ordering with SMS Promotion


Did you know you can order your next pizza from Pizza Hut, right on your mobile phone? Neither did we… Until we received an SMS promotion from Pizza Hut’s dedicated SMS short code 694-88, which not only gave us a link to custom order our next pizza but also a discount to apply on the next order.

You can see the SMS promotion Pizza Hut sent out to all their SMS subscriber below.

Pizza Hut Perfect Pizza Text Message

When an SMS subscriber clicks on the link in the SMS promotion, they’re taken to Pizza Hut’s mobile ordering experience, which is obviously optimized for the mobile phone. You can see what this looks like in the mobile screengrab below.

Pizza Hut Mobile Website

To sign up to receive SMS promotions from Pizza Hut, simply text “JOIN” to their SMS short code – 69488, or click here.

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