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Paypal Launches Text to Download App on Website

Apps are hot right now if you haven’t noticed. However, one problem facing businesses with apps is how to get website visitors to download your app onto their mobile phone. With different operating systems, app stores, and such, it’s way too complicated to simply tell website visitors to “download our app.” This was exactly the same dilemma that PayPal was facing when trying to get visitors to their website to download their new payment app.

To fix this, PayPal integrated SMS into their website, allowing website visitors to enter their mobile phone number into a form, which would then send themselves a text message with a link to download the app.

Text yourself the app link

Below is what the text message that gets sent to the mobile phone looks like. Not only is this a great use of SMS, but it also gets more people to download the app.

If you’re a business with a mobile app and you want to increase the amount of people that  download your app, get in contact with Tatango. We’ll help you build the same type of text to download application that PayPal has, increasing the amount of downloads you receive for your mobile app.

Text to download app


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