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Boost Nonprofit Donations with the Ultimate Tech Stack for H2 2023

Managing a successful nonprofit takes more time and effort than most people realize. In addition to fundraising, your team must manage communication, outreach, administration, and more. Your constituents want to receive more than just a yearly update email or donation ask from you—they want to feel valued and involved. Constituents follow your organization’s work and announcements through social media posts, messages, and updates. 


Nonprofits are competing for attention and funds, frequently posting online and sharing progress reports. To generate awareness and engagement and stay top-of-mind with supporters long term, your organization needs sustainable management and fundraising tools. Choosing the right tech solutions will make a big difference.


Your nonprofit Can Benefit from Innovative Tech Solutions

Building the ideal tech stack for your nonprofit requires time, budgetary allocation, and planning. There are many platforms and tools available to address different goals. Whether you’re starting from scratch or seeking a new direction for a current campaign, consider the following points before making a decision:

  1. Define Your Goals and Strategy

What are your goals right now? What are your long-term goals? Clearly defining your longer-term goals and the necessary steps to get there will help you identify the right solutions so you can customize your tech stack for your organization’s specific needs. 


  1. Plan Your Budget

With the fiscal year just beginning for many nonprofits, the line items for tech and software must be specific and well-planned. How much can your organization invest in tech solutions right now? There are solutions and workarounds for every budget. Get a clear understanding of your tech needs and what your budget can handle. 


       2. Make Sure Everything is Compatible

Are the new tools and platforms you’re considering compatible with the tools you are already using? Streamlining workflows should be a top priority to save time, reduce effort, simplify fundraising, and achieve your goals. Before investing heavily in new tools and platforms, ensure all components in your tech stack will work well together. 


Putting together the perfect tech stack will be much easier once you’ve clearly defined your goals and needs. Some nonprofits turn to all-in-one solutions, investing in a platform that can manage everything. Other teams implement individual tools for different needs, creating a unique workflow for their analytics, landing pages, donation integrations, and communication strategies. This option can offer greater flexibility and optimization in the long run but requires more planning before getting started. 


For example, if you’re looking for an online donation platform for your organization, one option is Fundraise Up. Powered by AI and built for customization, it could be the perfect donation platform for your tech stack. For analytics and email management, you might consider Feathr, a digital marketing toolkit for nonprofits that streamlines fundraising and communication with easy-to-use tools. For text messaging, Tatango has led the industry for fifteen years and offers secure donation tools, powerful automation options, instant sending, analytics, and more. Other platforms and partners could include Turnkey For Good, Virtuous, Community Boost, and NextAfter


Compiling Effective Tech Solutions


Managing your nonprofit’s communications, administration, donations, and outreach takes time and effort, and the right tech platform or partner can greatly boost your organization’s effectiveness. Tech solutions like Tatango Fundraise Up, Virtuous, Turnkey For Good Feathr, and others can help you save time, streamline processes, and achieve your fundraising goals. If you’ve defined your half-year or long-term goals, plans, and requirements, it’s time to explore the growing list of tech solutions that can help your team succeed. 

For guidance on tech solutions that support your organization’s text marketing and fundraising goals, contact the experts at Tatango today.

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