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A Regulation Basketball Hoop in the Office

A few months ago, Tatango decided to install a full regulation basketball hoop in our office. The reason? Well, because we thought we were making the most innovative statement of the century. Okay, okay, we just wanted to get out of our seats and get the blood flowin’ throughout the day. Here are our Top Ten reasons to add a basketball hoop to your office.

1. We sit at our desks way too long to not simulate NBA Jam for Super Nintendo a few times a day.

2. Who isn’t entertained by web engineers playing basketball? Probably the furthest thing from finesse.

3. It was the most exciting activity that took place on Tatango.TV (besides the famous fridge cam that showed each and every Red Bull snatch up close).

4. Robert Scoble drained a three on our hoop.

5. It takes a full, late night of team building and camaraderie to assemble the damn thing.

6. Insane dunks like this happen.

7. Unique skills are revealed through the art of athleticism in the workplace.

8. Interns will tackle resume building tasks.

9. Your CEO will come up with new ways to reach the ultimate goal.

10. We have all avoided health risks caused by long hours, Red Bull and high stress with the simple implementation of one of America’s favorite recreations.


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