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Grow Your VerticalResponse Email List with Text Messaging

VerticalResponse Text Messaging

Are you using VerticalResponse for email marketing? If so, we have some good news for you, as Tatango has partnered with VerticalResponse, allowing VerticalResponse customers to grow their email list through text messaging.

Why are we so excited about our partnership with VerticalResponse, which allows you to collect email addresses via text message? Did you know that 5% of all the email addresses that Chuck E. Cheese collects from their customers for their email newsletter comes from text messaging? It’s true! Better yet, did you know that emails collected by Chuck E. Cheese through a text message opt-in had an open rate 10-to-20 percent higher than other methods? Even the click-through rates within their email newsletters were 8-to-10 percent higher from customers that opted-in from a text message. By using text messaging to grow your VerticalResponse email list, not only are you going to be able to get more emails from your customers, the customer’s emails you do collect are going to be of higher quality, and result in higher-click through rates than emails collected through other methods.

So how does Tatango’s integration with VerticalResponse allow you to collect email addresses through text messaging? Check out the video below.

Once you’ve connected your VerticalResponse email list with Tatango, it’s extremely simple for customers to text message you their email addresses. Your customers will text an SMS keyword like “ACME” to the short code 33733, and in response, Tatango will ask the customer for their email address. When the customer responds with their email address, we’ll send that new email address to the designated email list within your VerticalResponse account. Pretty simple huh?

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