RCS Business Messaging

Best Buy RCS Business Messaging Examples

RCS business messaging is the revolutionary new messaging format that allows businesses to communicate with consumers in a more creative, responsive, and interactive way than standard SMS marketing. In the near future, it’s estimated that 86% of smartphones will be RCS-enabled, allowing your brand to reach consumers in all kinds of new ways. Below, you’ll see how a top retailer like Best Buy leverages RCS business messaging.


What Is RCS Business Messaging?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, a more sophisticated form of messaging than traditional SMS (Short Message Service) messaging. While classic text messaging is limited to 160-character messages, RCS messaging supports features similar to what you’d see on Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp, allowing for video chats, interactive media, and other associated tools.


Best Buy RCS Business Messaging Demo

Below is a demo of the Best Buy RCS business messaging sequence.


Best Buy RCS Business Messaging Examples

Here is how Best Buy RCS business messaging looks on phone screens.

Below is the Best Buy landing page for Chat, one of the premier RCS business messaging functions. In addition to the Best Buy brand name and logo, this page specifically references a “Deal of the Day” where consumers can save on limited quantities of daily deals.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Best Buy 1

Below is a sample of the RCS business messaging sequence, after the consumer initiates contact. Best Buy prompts the consumer to start shopping and scrolling through the carousel of sales and coupons. One of the deals offers substantial savings like a full $100 off a computer.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Best Buy 2

As you can see, the consumer can swipe left or right to navigate the carousel of deals. This lets consumers quickly investigate Best Buy’s current offers. If the consumer wants more information, they can tap from the options at the bottom of the screen, such as “Main Website” or “Top Deals”. They can even tap the phone icon at the top of the screen to be connected to Best Buy.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Best Buy 3

Depending on the day chat consumers visit Best Buy, Best Buy will serve different deals for different items. For example, while the deals above were for tech items like computers and TVs, the deal below is for $50 off a Pack ‘n Play Snuggle Suite.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Best Buy 4Below is a deal for more than 50% off — that’s $130 in savings — for a 512 GB memory card. When a consumer finds a deal they like, they can simply click “Buy Now” to be taken directly to the Best Buy website to claim their deal. This makes for a much better consumer experience, as not only can consumers shop directly from their messaging app, but they don’t have to open multiple windows, where they are more likely to get distracted or lose interest. This process also enables Best Buy to send a much more compelling message complete with photos, prices, and descriptions—much more than Best Buy would be able to do with SMS messages.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Best Buy 5As you can see, RCS business messaging offers additional features and functionality that could change the face of text message marketing. Fortunately, Tatango is equipped to handle all forms of text message marketing, including RCS business messaging. To learn more, download our free guide to growing your subscriber lists or contact our text message marketing experts today!

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