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AT&T Shopping Alerts – Huge Letdown For Consumers

AT&T Shop Alerts

Did you know that at the end of 2012 AT&T launched a service called AT&T Alerts? This service was advertised to consumers as way to receive “Personalized Deals and Offers on Your Mobile Phone”, which as you can imagine had a few SMS software providers (including myself) shaking in their boots, as this would be in direct competition to what they’re offering brands.

Luckily for those SMS software providers (and Tatango), AT&T fell extremely short in their promise of sending “exclusive, personalized deals and offers”, allowing you to “save on what you want, where you want”, unless of course you really want to use PayPal, or rent a car. See below for the most recent eight AT&T Alerts I’ve received, and you be the judge, are these types of SMS promotions a threat for SMS software providers?

Text message ad example 1     Text message ad example 2

Text message ad example 3     Text message ad example 4

Text message ad example 5     Text message ad example 6

Text message ad example 7     Text message ad example 8

What do you think, is AT&T Alerts a huge letdown for consumers, or would you sign up to receive a lot of text messages about PayPal? Let me know your feedback in the comments section below.


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