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7 Ways to Use Text Messages to Connect With Voters and Donors

7 Ways to Use Text Messages to Connect With Voters and Donors (1)

A Pew Research study found that 97 percent of Americans use a texting app at least once a day. Another study found that all generations prefer communicating via text three to eight times more than face-to-face conversation. This makes text message marketing the go-to platform to rally supporters and fundraise for your cause.

But how do you use text message marketing to connect with your constituents? In this post, we discuss using text messages to connect with voters and donors to build stronger relationships and raise funds for your political campaign or organization.


Using text messages to connect with voters and donors

Below are seven winning texting strategies for connecting with voters and donors.

1. Send Invitations to Meet-ups and Events

Since supporters have access to their phones most of the time, text messages are a great way to invite them to important events and meet-ups. Although social media platforms popular for event and meet-up invites, they aren’t as effective as text message invites. Social media platforms are full of distractions such as videos, messages, and ads, making it more likely that your supporters will forget about your invite or not see it at all. It’s no wonder political invites via SMS marketing can be so much more effective.

Inviting supporters to your events and meet-ups will help strengthen their connection to your political organization and increase overall supporter turnout at your events. These occasions are the perfect opportunity to connect with your political supporters personally and build relationships with them. If your voters and donors can’t attend your events, you can use text messages to let them know about media conferences they can watch instead.


2. Send Election Reminders

Around 90 percent of consumers open and read text messages within three minutes of receiving them. This fact makes text message marketing the fastest and most effective method to remind voters about voter registration dates, election day, and other important events and deadlines they need to be aware of.

Text messages can also be a fantastic way to encourage people to vote. Tech for Campaign found that people who received text message reminders to vote were one percent more likely to vote. Although this doesn’t seem impressive, a one percent increase in votes could make a difference between winning and losing an election. Text messages also help you communicate important voting information, such as when and where to vote, which could increase voter turnout.


3. Share Important Updates and Information

Text messages are a terrific way to communicate anticipated announcements. Sending your supporters text messages about new developments is an excellent way to involve them in your campaign or organization.

Former President Barack Obama proved how powerful text message marketing could be when he used text messages in 2008 to announce his VP selection, Joe Biden, to almost 3 million Americans. Some believe that his use of text messaging campaigns helped him win the election. Campaigns can also use text messages to update supporters about the voting count, debate highlights, and running-mate decisions. Keeping supporters in the loop garners more support since they feel like they’re part of the campaign.


4. Request Donations

Text-to-donate has taken the world by storm. In the past, organizations had to rely on the text-to-give method to raise funds. The text-to-give method requires donors to text a keyword to a short code, and their carrier then deducts a predetermined amount. The downside of this method is that it takes weeks for the funds to reach the political organization. With text-to-donate, supporters can easily donate through a link sent via text. The link directs the text message recipient to a dedicated mobile donations page where they can select the amount they want to donate. Text-to-donate platforms also allow the donor to set up recurring donations and see a record of all the donations they’ve made. The text-to-donate method is far more effective since political organizations can receive the donations immediately.

Requesting donations through text message marketing is a convenient way to fundraise. It’s safe, secure, and easy to use. According to a study by NonProfit Source, mobile donations increased by 205 percent from 2017 to 2018. This survey shows that fundraising through text messaging is the future of fundraising for political campaigns and non-profit organizations. Since 93 percent of the U.S. has access to a mobile phone, text messaging is ideal for fundraising. Text message donations requests are convenient and make it possible to reach more people because most of the population uses this platform.


5. Send Follow-up and Thank-you Text Messages

Growing a donor base takes a lot of work and effort. It’s crucial to retain your current donors so they can continue supporting your political campaign or organization. Showing gratitude to your supporters for attending your events or donating can enhance donor retention. Sending a simple thank-you text message after a donation is a nice way to show your appreciation for a contribution and can increase the likelihood of that donor making another contribution in the future.


6. Organize Volunteers

Volunteers are an integral part of any organization. Text messages can be used to recruit volunteers for a specific project or drive. Tatango segmentation allows you to see your most engaged supporters’ locations, making it easier to target text messages based on the city, state, or zip code where volunteers are needed. Text messages are also a cost-effective and convenient way to organize your volunteers and keep in contact with them.


7. Communicate Your Opinion on Key Issues

An important part of a politician’s role is communicating their position on key issues as they arise. Text messages help you quickly inform your supporters about your opinion on these issues. They also provide an opportunity to educate supporters on political issues.

With political text message marketing platforms such as Tatango, text message marketing has become a simple and effective method to connect with donors and supporters. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s also the preferred communication choice for Americans of all ages.


Launch Your Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Now that you know how to connect with your supporters and donors through text messaging, all you need to do is choose a political SMS marketing platform and launch your text messaging campaigns. Ready to take the first step? Tatango has been the industry leader for the past 13 years, featuring the highest security, sending speeds, and reliability in the industry. Talk to a political text message marketing expert today.

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