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4 Ways To Improve A Restaurant SMS Campaign

Here at Tatango we love helping restaurants get the best results when it comes to their SMS campaigns. Recently we had a restaurant SMS client come and ask for our assistance in improving the following SMS campaign. We jumped at the opportunity not only to help this client, but to use this example as a way to educate our other clients on how to instantly improve any restaurant SMS campaign with only a few changes. Below is the original SMS campaign that the client sent us.

Restaurant SMS Example - Before

To improve this restaurant SMS campaign, we gave the client the following four pieces of advice.

  1. Always identify the restaurant SMS campaign within the actual message. Usually here at Tatango we recommend putting the restaurant name near the beginning of the message.
  2. Always put the restaurant SMS deal up front, not at the end. This is marketing 101, get your customer hooked on the deal first, then tell them the qualifiers of the deal after.
  3. Put an expiration on your restaurant SMS campaign. There are two reasons for this, one being that you don’t want to be redeeming the same promotion a year down the road, and two being that you want the customer to see some urgency in the deal and take action right away.
  4. Always include the phrase “Show this text message”. By doing this you are reinforcing the exclusivity of your SMS campaign by making it known that no one outside of the SMS campaign is getting this deal. Make them feel special.

Below you will see the revised version of this clients restaurant SMS campaign. Much better huh?

Restaurant SMS Example - After

Are you trying to compose the perfect restaurant SMS campaign but are getting stuck? Maybe you just want an expert to look over your campaign before you send it? Give one of our restaurant SMS experts a call today, toll-free at (888) 517-6345 and let them help you get the most bang out of your campaign.


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