QR Code Week at Tatango is Coming…

You’ve heard of Shark Week right? We’ll this year at Tatango we are having our own version of Shark Week, which we’re calling QR Code Week.

What is QR Code Week? It’s a week here at Tatango that we focus solely on how to integrate QR codes into your SMS marketing campaigns. It’s also a week where you can win a free “I Love QR Codes” t-shirt simply by scanning a few QR codes. (see below for details)

When is QR Code Week? Its starts on Monday October 10th and ends on Friday the 14th.

Be on the lookout during QR Code Week here at Tatango, as each and every day we will be announcing something new. See below for the schedule.


  • Monday – Watch a video lesson with CEO of Tatango, Derek Johnson on how to integrate QR codes with SMS marketing.
  • Tuesday – Get your hands on the first QR code generator specifically made for SMS marketing.
  • Wednesday – We take you on an inside look at how one Tatango client created the largest SMS QR code that we’ve ever seen.
  • Thursday – Be the first to read the new Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing and QR Codes.
  • Friday – CEO, Derek Johnson goes out fighting in guest article on Mobile Marketing Watch titled “Why You Think QR Codes Suck and Why You’re Stupid”.

I Love QR Codes Tshirt