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Tatango vs. Bandwidth—What’s the Difference?



In the video above, Tatango CEO Derek Johnson answers the question, “What’s the difference between Tatango and Bandwidth?” Prefer to read? See the post below. You can also find answers to all your SMS marketing questions in our Q&A video library.

Tatango and Bandwidth both provide solutions in the text messaging space, but there are some differences between the two companies. Let’s examine each company’s use case.


What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a communications software provider specializing in creating APIs (application programming interfaces) for text and voice messaging. Their solutions provide developers the tools and connections they need to send and receive text messages. If an app is looking to integrate SMS or MMS messaging, Bandwidth produces the necessary tools.

For example, if UberEats wants to integrate SMS messaging abilities into their app, their developers can work with Bandwidth to make that happen. Bandwidth provides the tools required to build text message functionality into their app. To work with Bandwidth, you’ll need a developer. Bandwidth is a great solution for building SMS functionalities into existing apps or software.


What is Tatango?

Tatango is an SMS marketing platform built for marketers. Tatango provides a solution for any brand that wants to launch SMS marketing campaigns to promote their products or services. Tatango’s platform is built with the end-user in mind to provide an easy, out-of-the-box software that can be used by any brand to achieve their marketing goals, no developer needed.

The example below shows how jewelry brand Uncommon James uses Tatango to send MMS marketing messages.

Uncommon James MMS Marketing Message


Bottom Line

Bandwidth and Tatango provide excellent solutions for different use cases. Bandwidth provides developers the tools they need to integrate messaging into apps, and Tatango provides an easy-to-use platform that requires no coding or developer experience. Neither brand is better than the other. We both help different people send and receive SMS and MMS messages.

Do you think the Tatango SMS marketing platform is right for you? Chat with an SMS marketing expert to get started.

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